Welcome to the Mountain Girls Collective


Mountain Girls is an outdoor collective created by women all over the world. Together, we dream and we create. We support each other and aspire to push the limits of what being a woman in rugged nature truly is. Being a mountain girl is not about climbing the highest peaks, it is not about being stronger than others..

It is simple – Being a mountain girl is about having a genuine love of nature in your heart. Through nature we relate and drive each other to continue the search for what makes us feel good inside. Together we bring to fruition the things that help us live our lives to the fullest. We join forces to motivate, inspire and connect with others fueled by our shared love of the natural world.

We offer a space for women in the mountains to meet like minded friends and learn more about the outdoors. Mountain Girls has been hosting gatherings since 2015. See our events for upcoming gatherings and a peek into our previous excursions.




Get the details on our upcoming gatherings!! From the city to the mountains, what we have planned, who will be there along with the knowledge and goodies you will head home with!

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Ready to come on an adventure?! Shoot us a message to let us know what get together you would like to come to. Seal down your spot now!

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